Nagarjuna Degree College

Freshers’ Day always marks the start of a new journey and a new adventure. The celebration of starting
anew and upgrading to the next level in the life journey is always special. This occasion becomes even
more pleasant and memorable when celebrated with lots of fun and joy.

The Nagarjuna Degree College, in association with the Nagarjuna School of Management, hosted the
Best Fresher’s Party for the MBA Batch of 2022–24. This celebration started with a welcome speech by
the honorary principal, Dr. Harish Babu S, and continued with the dignitaries’ talk. The interaction
depicted that the goal was to welcome the students and accustom them to the college setting. The
speech was comprised of a warm gesture to welcome the students and a little peek into the academic
section with the focus on the future.

Following the speeches, the stage was taken over by the seniors. The seniors had planned the whole day
with different and unique activities to keep the audience, especially the juniors, engaged. Therefore, the
audiences witnessed some of the phenomenal performances enacted by the seniors on the occasion of
fresher’s day. The enjoyment meter in the amphitheatre of the college was high, as the audience’s
cheers were getting louder because of excitement and joy.

The seniors had also prepared several games for their beloved juniors as a part of the function. The
students participated in the games wholeheartedly and enjoyed their time on Fresher’s Day. An
awesome day concluded with some refreshments, and students returned with warm smiles and hearts
filled with happiness.

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