Nagarjuna Degree College

Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma in fashion designing is a certification course in the field of fashion design. The course helps the candidates to strategize and render services in the fashion and lifestyle industry through practical & hands on experience. The students will acquire knowledge in Fashion Illustration, Fashion Accessories, Surface Ornamentation, Pattern Making as well as Garment Construction thus enhancing their skills in nuances and become expert in the technicalities.


“To help students to discover and explore the individual style and talent, transforming them as well trained, qualified professionals and socially responsible citizens”.


To become a global leader in the Fashion Design Courses, create an innovative and creative design as per customer satisfaction designs. To provide an environment to the students congenial for technical education and learning. To nurture graduates with creative, innovative, critical, and ethnic leadership skills.

Course Outcome

Students will be able to adapt and develop artistic abilities to form original fashion designs with understanding of diverse fashion proportions, utilizing hand and digital rendering techniques.

Certificate will be awarded based on their Portfolio. Portfolios are the best way of showing their skills and creative abilities.





Asst.Prof. Geethashree G

Faculty Coordinator


Asst.Prof.Eeshashri R

Faculty In-charge