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Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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  • To transform the lives of students to develop professional competence and responsible citizenship.


  • To build a Community of learners to Value Excellence.
  • To take constructive action & develop commitment to apply knowledge to improve human well-being.
  • To develop an outlook with intellectual inquiry, self-reflection and thoughtful leadership.

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MBA at Nagarjuna School of Management is a Industry interface programme. The objective of the department is to develop into a center for research and excellence and to equip the students with effective managerial skills.

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Departmental Achievements

Achieved 90% + result overall

Placed students in a Dubai based company

Established NIPM Student Chapter

Director of MBA

Master of Business Administration

Dr. Harish Babu S

Director – Management Studies, NGI

Principal, Nagarjuna Degree College


It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of MBA Department at Nagarjuna Degree College. Industry 5.0 is driving our future and how mankind can be ready for the future jobs. It has created a highly transformative impact on digital, data driven and interconnected industry and is guiding principal for innovation, research and entrepreneurship. With the gradual shift the focus is now being on with human centricity, sustainability and resilience. It is indispensable for the students to learn and develop the skills of future jobs and at Nagarjuna Degree College, our primary focus is to nurture and empower students with multi-tasking skill-set that creates strong and responsible leaders for tomorrow. I am happy to share that Nagarjuna Degree College has a strong vision towards education 5.0 and beyond. The students of MBA are active participants in the outcome based learning process. The learning environment at Nagarjuna Degree College makes the students to learn from their faculty, peers, alumni, industry and have been made habitual of conducting discussions on current scenarios, enhancing communication, well worked with team and strong network between industry and academia, creating potential entrepreneurs and business leaders for global acceptance. I am confident that our students will flourish as successful leaders at Nagarjuna Degree College.


Master of Business Administration

Dr. Vala Ghanshyam Kantilal,



He is specialized in Human Resource. He is passionate about Administration and Management. He has 16 years of teaching experience and has 20 years of Industry experience in Indian Air Force at various locations in India.

He has obtained his PhD in Business Administration on the topic “Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Occupational Stress and Job Commitment: A Study of Medical Practitioners in Select Corporate Hospitals” from University of Mysore, (Karnataka). He has served in No. 3 Gujarat Air Wing NCC, Bhavnagar during his Indian Air Force service for 3 years conducting Parasailing, Gliding and Camping for College Cadets.

He has groomed multitude of students to take up respectable positions in Corporate. He has credit of publishing several research papers in national and international journals.

Master of Business Administration

Prof. Dr. Harish Babu S.

Principal – NDC & Director of Management Studies, NGI

Former Professor and HoD of the Department of Management Studies and Research centre at a prestigious management institute with top 100 NIRF ranking in the country by MHRD. He earned his Doctorate in Management from Bangalore University in 2013. He is an approved research guide for Ph.D programs of VTU and the University of Mysore, Three Scholars have been awarded Ph.D under his guidance from the University of Mysore.

He has presented and published 60 research papers in National and International Journals, Some of his papers also have a good number of citations; he has authored 8 books on Financial Management, Accounting for Managers, Advanced Financial Management, Integrated marketing communication and Project Evaluation & Management. He has worked on various research Projects including a project funded by the ICSSR, New Delhi. He is also in the editorial board as a member for 8 international Journals. Earlier, He was also the chairman of BoS and BoE for MBA program at NMIT. He is the member of BoS and BoE in several other reputed Colleges and Universities. He has conducted training programs for Management students, Executives and Managers. He is a recipient of an award from the President of India for his active involvement in Social service. He is a Life-time member of the National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Global Management Teacher’s Consortium, etc.

Addition his achievements, supported students of MBA program in providing excellent placement opportunities for more than 1000 MBA students.

Dr. Vala Ghanshyam Kantilal,


MA, LLB, PGD IRPM, PGDPR, PGDOOP, PGDMSM, UGC-NET, PhD in Business Administration,

University of Mysore

Ex-Serviceman Air Force

Experience – More than 36 Years

Sl. No   Name of the Faculty   Qualification   Designation   Experience (in Years)   
1   Prof.Dr. Harish Babu S   MBA., M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., Six Sigma Black Belt., ISO Lead Auditor for Quality Management systems    Principal, Nagarjuna Degree College & Director – Management studies, NGI  20   
2   Dr. Vala Ghanshyam Kantila   PhD.   Professor   39   
3 Kavitha A. Karkera   MBA, PGDFM, DSM, PhD., EPAF (IIM)  Associate Professor   23 
4   Manjula J. M.   MBA, M. Com, PGDFM, NET, (PhD)   Assistant Professor   13 
5   Dr. Vijayakumar R. S.   MBA, M. Com, PGDHRM, PhD.   Associate professor   12 
6   Kavitha Y. S.   MBA (HR and Finance)   Assistant Professor   7.7  
7   Sharath Natesh   MBA, B.Sc.   Assistant Professor   1 
8   Deeksha Shetty   MBA, B.E   Assistant Professor   4.8 
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Manjula J M 

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Kavitha A Karkera

A Pathway to retrieval: fall-out posed by COVID-19 pandemic and its repercussions on Women, COVID-19 Pandemic and the Indian Economy”, Book chapter 

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