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Technology and types of technology are an ever-growing field that follows nature’s rule of constant change and transformation. In the words of Mr. Alvin Toffler, an American Writer and Futurist, “The greatest growling engine of change is Technology,” which implies the power of technology and its impact.

Also, innovation plays a prominent role in technological change. There are many such innovative minds in the world whose inventions have simplified complex procedures and given society an element of ease with efficiency in check. Hence, with the greatest of imagination, one can alter the course of the world.

Let’s dive into such types of technology that impact society and life.

Exploring the Types of Technology

Humans are an evolutionary species with the constant urge to improve and simplify things. They expect results in efficiency, time management, empowerment and personal growth. These traits are the core of building a technology that simplifies life bit by bit.

This new era of technology brings with it new advances, discoveries and improvements in the existing forms of technology. The implementation of these technologies in different fields aids in amplifying the benefits of those fields. Such types of technology are:

  1. Educational Technology

Education is an integral part of one’s growth and development. Therefore, the types of technology in the education sector transform the boring classroom into an interactive and interesting one. 

For instance, the shift from theoretical learning into a visually captivating video narrative through interactive boards. This change in the mode of teaching aids in easy understanding of concepts. Nagarjuna Group of Institutions is a notable example with its updated teaching methodology and experiential learning techniques.

In today’s age, e-learning apps have proved to be an excellent shift in educational technology. The apps simplify teaching with gamification of the syllabus, anytime accessibility features, and personalisation to the needs of the students.

  1. Financial Technology

Financial Technology improves the efficiency of financial services with user-friendly applications.

The merits of the technology involvement in offering financial services are easy accessibility, convenience, speed, financial inclusion, personalised service and process transparency. 

Financial activities such as payments, mobile banking, portfolio management, trading and investment can be accessed through an application, making it easy for the user. It clears the roadblocks of complex procedures, manual documentation, prolonged processed time and limited knowledge. 

  1. Healthcare Technology

Health is Wealth! Thus, taking care of health is a mandatory task at hand. The medical professionals are the prominent personnel with the knowledge and skill to enrich the health conditions. Thus, adding technology to the scenario can ease the work and provide support.

The types of technology used in the medical field are advanced medical equipment, IT systems, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. These are essential components that enhance the efficiency of the medical industry and result in outstanding patient care. 

  1. Information Technology

In this digital era, information is everywhere, and technology aids in handling it efficiently. The security and management of data have become effortless with information technology.

As an introduction to information technology, the field deals with managing, processing, protecting and exchanging information. It is through hardware and software systems, networking, and cybersecurity that the data on the internet is secured. Therefore, Information technology is the most renowned field among the types of technology that often reinvents itself. 

As an enthusiast of technology, the progression graph of it throughout the years leaves us in awe of the transformation and its impact on the human realm. 

There is more to the tech than it seems on the surface. Dive into this field with the BCA & MCA course offered by Nagarjuna Degree College, a prominent institution affiliated to Bengaluru City University.  

Keep Learning. Keep Exploring.