Nagarjuna Degree College

Happy Independence Day! 

Independence Day in India is celebrated on August 15 every year. This day witnesses the patriotic fever among the citizens of the nation. Various programmes such as flag hoisting, cultural programmes, patriotic speeches, and many more are held on this day. With the events and the NCC March, the Nagarjuna Group of Institutions celebrates the day and showcases patriotism within students.  

Today we are celebrating the 77th Independence Day in India, and the theme for this year is ‘Nation First’ based on the scheme Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. This theme relates to putting the nation at the forefront of everything we do. It also emphasises bringing to fruition the vision of India becoming a Developed Nation. 

Independent India: Challenges & Milestones 

In today’s world, many challenges hinder the nation’s progress, yet amidst them are brilliant milestones that have shaped it. 

  1. Challenges: 

The challenges include poverty, population density, unemployment, illiteracy, corruption etc. Even though Independence Day in India honours progress and development, it needs to pay attention to these challenges and discuss the essential remedies to overcome them. 

  1. Milestones: 

Let us witness the past examples that align with the Independence Day theme of Nation First. 

  1. LPG Policy 
  1. Nuclear Tests 
  1. Scientific Endeavours: SLV3 Launch, Chandrayaan Mission, Mars Orbital Mission, etc. 
  1. Goods & Service Tax 
  1. New Education Policy 

These events were one-of-a-kind milestones for India that showcased the ability and strength of Indians. With every milestone, the bar is raised higher to achieve great things and grow along the way. These milestones led the nation in a unique way forward, and to further continue this path of progress, as citizens of India, we need to level up our game in honouring the nation in every way possible. 

Therefore, this 77th Independence Day in India should be a starting point for evolving the nation into a developed and progressive one.