Nagarjuna Degree College

  • Nagarjuna degree college has a thriving academic community where faculty members are empowered,motivated and inspired to Excel in teaching, research and service.
  • Institute has Supportive Environment with flexible policies which leads in work life Balance, which accommodate personal and professional needs.
  • Nagarjuna degree college encourages continuous learning,skill development and recognises,appreciates the faculty members through awards, Incentives on their achievements.Encourages collaboration among faculty members to share ideas,concerns and best practices.
  • With this we have an enhanced job satisfaction from our faculty which resulted in improved productivity and academic performance.
  • We have been recognised as positive Institutional culture with high quality teaching. Which has resulted in Student satisfaction and alumni relations with teaching staff.
  • We have topped in Academic Excellence and Higher reputation in the city.
  • Nagarjuna degree college has high dedication, Effective Study habits,Time management Which has contributed to a well rounded college development.