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best degree courses after 12th

Choosing the best degree courses after 12th grade is a hustle, with diverse options and infinite opportunities. Thus, here is an overview of the courses after 12th grade, both in the science and commerce streams, that intertwine with current industry trends to ease your quest for choosing the perfect course.

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Let’s explore the best degree courses after 12th grade in both streams and choose an option that opens the door to success and excellence.

The Best Degree Courses After 12th: Commerce 

Commerce as a subject covers the essentials of financial knowledge, comprising accountancy, statistics, economics, business, and trade. The degree courses have a tenure of three years with six semesters.

The best degree courses after 12th commerce are:

  1. B. Com

The Bachelor of Commerce is the most common choice for aspirants focusing on a career in finance. This course is an overview with diverse subjects covering different aspects. Some subjects are economics, business studies, accounting, statistics, history, mathematics and computer science.

  • BBA

The Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3-year degree programme with the core of business knowledge enhancement through experiential learning methodologies.

These courses aid in understanding the concepts concisely with practical applications and real-time examples.

The Best Degree Courses After 12th: Science 

A tour of professional courses after 12th science that you can opt for. These courses have a tenure of 3 years with six semesters that aid in a particular subject or field specialisation.

The best degree courses after 12th in the science stream are:

  1. BCA

Bachelor of Computer Applications is one of the best computer science courses after 12th that focuses on the hardware and software applications of the modern computer system. 

Besides the best courses discussed after 12th grade, science students can opt for other streams based on their interests and talents.