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In B.Com vs. BBA, what should we opt for? Which course suits you the best?  

Relax! We are here to guide you through the path. 

Firstly the commerce stream is a core component of the three main streams. Here, Commerce Stream mainly deals with analytical and calculative aspects of things. It includes finance, management, marketing, and administration. Secondly, if the fundamentals are clear, then you can opt for the course that resembles your interest and skill. 

Based on the facts, there are two courses many opt for after completing their PUC years, namely B.Com and BBA. Usually, these courses are excellent and efficient if selected based on your strengths. Nagarjuna Degree College, a prominent degree college in Bangalore affiliated with Bengaluru City University, can aid you in building your skill set through its best resources and excellent faculty members. 

B.Com vs. BBA – Which Course to Choose after PUC-Commerce?  

Exploring the courses in B.Com vs. BBA gives us a glimpse of what they offer and whether they resemble the vision of our careers. 

After PUC, the Bachelor of Commerceis typically the course that Commerce students choose. It is because it comprises a broad perspective of the overall commerce industry. It provides a glimpse into marketing, management, finance, and the administrative sector. Therefore, is for students who would like to explore different areas of commerce or want a broad perspective on how things work in the industry at the levels of finance, management, marketing, and administration. 

The Bachelor in Business Administrationis an administrative course focusing on management and administration. This course gives insight into the world of business and its fundamentals. Therefore opting for this course provides an overall view of the business sphere. 

These are the advantages of opting for particular courses. But remember, the main factor in choosing a path is analysing your skills and interests.